What Are The Best Peos For Small Businesses?

peo for small business

Paychex offers business owners full-service HR support, including employee management tools, health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans like 401 s, and everything in between. It also provides its clients with tools to help them meet compliance standards like COBRA compliance along with safety protocol. For instance, clients can utilize on-site safety inspections, workplace safety training, return to work programs, and online safety pieces of training on over 80 topics. This PEO service offers solutions in several categories, including human resources, payroll, benefits administration, and training and development. Corporate citizenship, regulatory compliance, workers’ compensation and employee wellness programs are also available.

What does a PEO do for you?

A PEO is a partner company that can give your employees better benefits, save you money, and take HR and compliance off your plate. Your PEO acts as your workers’ employer for certain legal purposes, letting you to tap into the PEO’s benefits network, insurance, workers comp, and HR resources.

Insperity provides small businesses and employees with reliable services. Additionally, it can help you analyze and overhaul various business processes to make your company more efficient. Insperity provides one of the most robust service selections of any PEO we reviewed without sacrificing personalized support.

Infiniti HRoffers full-service PEO and because they work with businesses of all sizes, it’s easy to scale as your business grows. Their cloud-based platform makes it easy to access information and manage data, and employees can use the self-service portal to view benefits and payroll statements. The company offers a broad range of services in addition to HR including consulting, recruitment process outsourcing, and risk and safety management. They also offer executive level benefits like supplemental retirement plans, NQDC deferred compensation plans and carve-out executive group term life & disability insurance. Since they focus on HR tasks and administration, you are left with more time to focus on your business. On top of that, PEOs offer better benefits to your employees than you might have been able to on your own. Many employer organizations use current technology, mobile applications, and online portals for small businesses and employees to easily access important information, like payroll, benefits and training courses.

GMS offers payroll and tax management, human resources management, benefits administration, risk management, and third-party administrator services. They also serve as insurance brokers, helping you find the best insurance plan for your business. A professional employer organization is a company that can take care of human resource responsibilities, primarily for small and midsize companies. Insperity’s HR outsourcing services, risk management, payroll administration and employee benefit plans make it a great option for small business owners.

As a PEO, Justworks gives small and midsize businesses access to corporate-level benefits at affordable rates, including medical, dental and vision insurance, and employee retirement plans. Its automated payroll services handles all benefits and tax withholdings. Justworks, which offers 24/7 expert customer support via phone, email, chat, Slack, or SMS, helps streamline your back-office functions in one easy-to-use platform. You also get access to HR consultants who can provide tailored guidance and best practices around building policies and managing your people. FrankCrum has been providing outsourced human resources, payroll, employee benefits, risk management and workers’ compensation since 1981. As a PEO, FrankCrum helps businesses offer and administer employee benefits, including health and dental coverage and 401 plans.

Oasis, a Paychex company, is an ideal PEO solution for startups that have at least five worksite employees. Oasis is available in all 50 states and offers customized plans with customized pricing. It is a completely scalable platform that has the ability to grow with your business.

The 4 Best Peo Companies For Small Business

After spending countless hours researching nearly 60 PEO agencies and their services, we narrowed them down the best PEOs for small businesses. As the old cliche goes, a business’s most important assets are its people or as many human resources professionals refer to as “human capital”. Therefore, it’s imperative for small business owners to have systems and partners that can manage their employees. Having the right PEO firm can greatly benefit a small business, as those with PEOs grow approximately 10% faster. It also prevents a business from prematurely going out of business as those with a solid PEO partner are 50% less likely to close down.

peo for small business

Insperity offers a dedicated support team, including an HR manager, client liaison, HR specialist, payroll specialist, performance specialist, benefits specialist, recruiting specialist and a safety consultant. Since Insperity is an ESAC-, IRS- and BBB-accredited PEO, you can feel a sense of reassurance that you are partnering with a reputable PEO. The best PEO service providers satisfy your human resources needs, whether they’re HR administration, employee benefits, payroll, workers’ comp, risk and compliance management, or training and development.

Insperity provides small businesses that have at least five employees with flexible coverage and comprehensive service options. Businesses that partner with Insperity have access to more than 5,000 training resources, as well as payroll processing, benefits administration, HR solutions and risk management. It has extensive services for human resources, workers’ compensation, employee onboarding, government compliance and workforce optimization.

The company’s online HR information system allows employees and employers to access and manage information anytime from computers or mobile devices at work or home. TriNet is the best option for businesses in tailored, or specialized industries.

Ways To Simplify Your Small Business Hr Department Today

Every PEO plan comes with access to TriNet’s intuitive online platform and mobile apps. TriNet highlights their risk mitigation assistance, which extends across all their services. TriNet can also provide support if an insurance claim is filed against your business.

peo for small business

These accreditations are given to PEOs that have undergone strict scrutiny of their finances and have demonstrated they comply with federal, state and local employment tax laws and best practices. As both a PEO and HRO, Tandem HR is a flexible human resources company for small businesses with 10 or more employees. Many small businesses start with HRO services and then scale up to PEO services, which involve a separate co-employment agreement between the provider and the small business. By offering both services, Tandem HR shows it has the bandwidth and quality to provide small businesses with valuable HR support. With Justworks, a fast-growing HR technology company, entrepreneurs and their teams get access to comprehensive benefit offerings, automated payroll, compliance support, and HR tools – all in one place.

Optimum Employer Solutions

You can choose what services you need, and each plan is tailored to your business’s needs. Questco provides HR solutions, payroll services, employee benefits, risk management compliance and a platform for managing all your services. It also offers training resources for safety and compliance issues, with both onsite and online training available.

They also use the latest technology for businesses and employees to easily access their online platforms and information. Great providers offer HR expertise and customized, one-on-one assistance to help you navigate your PEO services, regardless of how long you’ve worked with them. The best professional employer organization services are transparent and easy to communicate with. The best PEOs are also accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation and the Internal Revenue Service .

Insperity provides a dedicated team to handle each area of the PEO service. Insperity partners have access to thousands of online courses for HR topics and other educational materials. You can also set up onsite or online training sessions tailored to your business’s needs. For these reasons, Insperity is our pick as the best PEO for small businesses. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, ADP is one of the largest PEOs in the United States, just behind Insperity in terms of the total number of employees. These traits mean that ADP is a very stable firm, can offer various solutions, and operates in all 50 states. Like most PEO companies, ADP TotalSource offers fundamental HR services like payroll, recruiting, HR management, employee insurance policies like disability insurance, and labor law compliance.

This comprehensive resource will cover fundamental information about employee leasing, benefits, and the best PEOs for small businesses. Synergy delivers a wide range of PEO and human capital management services. The company provides HR services, payroll processing, benefits administration, employee training and workplace safety programs. Lever1 is a Kansas City, Missouri-based PEO providing a multitude of resources for small and midsize businesses across the country. The company’s services include payroll, employee manuals, recruiting, management training, health benefits, 401 plans, life and disability insurance, and workers’ compensation. GMSworks with companies of all sizes, from small startups to large, thriving companies. That means you can partner with them from the start and scale your services no matter how large you grow.

Benefits Of Using A Peo

Among the top-level benefits Justworks’ customers have access to at affordable rates are medical, dental and vision insurance, as well as employee retirement plans. Justworks also handles all of your payroll responsibilities, including running payroll each pay period and calculating, withholding, and making all of your payroll taxes.

Entrepreneurs and their team can reach expert customer service members 24/7 via phone, email, chat, Slack or SMS. Access to HR experts who can provide guidance specific advice for your business needs is also available. Paychexprovides businesses with comprehensive PEO features, including risk management, payroll, employee benefits, HR administration, and numerous onsite and virtual training solutions. This nationwide company represents thousands of employees and businesses of all sizes, so you’ll be joining a provider that is equipped to handle your organization. It also assigns you an HR generalist who remains your point person as your business grows and a mobile application so you can access your services on the go.

ADP TotalSource can help your small business with risk management, benefits administration, payroll and HR outsourcing. Two standout features of this company are its payroll offering, which is employee self-service, and its HR support. It can also securely handle company data and help you plan several aspects of your business. In our interactions with ADP TotalSource, the company went above and beyond our expectations in all areas. It’s a flexible service that can work with businesses of any size, and it provides one of the most robust PEO services of any company we reviewed. TotalSource is accredited by ESAC, the IRS and BBB, putting it among the top players in the PEO industry.

You can add and remove services as needed, which is great for small startups that may have unpredictable employee growth. Clients of Oasis receive help with human resource administration, payroll administration, employee benefits, health insurance and risk management. You’re assigned a payroll account manager and human resource generalist. Having a payroll and human resources expert who can answer your HR questions is ideal for startups that are navigating the world of business. Oasis is an ESAC-, IRS- and BBB-accredited PEO, so you can rest assured that you are partnering with a trustworthy company.

  • It has extensive services for human resources, workers’ compensation, employee onboarding, government compliance and workforce optimization.
  • Insperity provides small businesses and employees with reliable services.
  • Insperity provides small businesses that have at least five employees with flexible coverage and comprehensive service options.
  • Businesses that partner with Insperity have access to more than 5,000 training resources, as well as payroll processing, benefits administration, HR solutions and risk management.
  • Additionally, it can help you analyze and overhaul various business processes to make your company more efficient.

Paychex is certified by the IRS and accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation and the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ BBB rating. For these reasons, Paychex earns our pick for best PEO service for midsize businesses. We spoke with community experts and small business owners to discover what PEO features are most valuable, such as payroll, employee benefits, risk and compliance management, and training and development.

It helps businesses track tax payments and payroll data via a mobile app, which is very convenient. Paychex is one of the few PEOs to have both IRS and ESAC credentials which confirms its strong reputation.